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Bobby Valentine’s Sports Gallery Cafe

Location: 225 Main St, Stamford, CT
Website: Bobby Valentine’s Sports Gallery Cafe
Menu: View Online
Phone: (203) 348-0010

Make no mistake: this is no ordinary sports bar. It’s a shrine to one of Stamford’s favorite sons, owner Bobby Valentine. Born in the city, he was a star ball player in high school and, up until 2002, manager of the New York Mets. Think of this, along with the neighboring Victory Deli, as Bobby’s annuity, frequented by his local legion of friends and fans. The place is filled with memorabilia and, of course, when a good game is on, with sports fans. The pub fare is just a cut above the usual stadium eats but the beer is cold and the crowd, while spirited, is not generally rowdy.

Winner of “Best Place for Karaoke” according to the 2007 Fairfield County Weekly Best of Reader’s Poll.

2nd Place Winner of “Best Sports Bar” according to the 2007 Fairfield County Weekly Best of Reader’s Poll.

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Reviewed by Walter L. Bland III on April 28th, 2009 6:47 pm

I am an frequently infrequent patron of Bobby V’s if you know what I mean. I recently had a surprisingly terrible experience on my last visist to the restaurant during the NCAA College Basketbal Final Four championship game between UNC vs Michigan State. I arriving early to have dinner and get a good seat at the bar however a few minutes before tip-off another patron who obviously had a few too many drinks belly up to the bar where there was no available seating and stands in the middle of the bar roughly 6’2″ – 6’3″ blocking the view of all the patron behind him. At which time we didn’t say anything to him hoping he would be considerate and pick another spot to stand before game time, which he did. Only to return a few minutes later with a plate of food. I kindly ask him to find a seat because he was obstructing my view and the view of half the bar. The guy snaps at me and tells me he’s not moving, again I ask him nicely to move he then ignores me. I then ask the bartender to ask the guy to move to a table since their were no longer any seats at the bar. Instead of doing his job the bartender states he’s a regular customer which shouldn’t matter if the guy is so totally out of line. I then ask for the manager who promtly ask me to what was the problem I again restated the problem however not only did he refuse to ask the guy to take a seat he ask me to leave or he would call the police. Outraged I refuse to even move a muscle and told him he could call the police but I was not going any where. I told him I would be writing a letter to Bobby Valentine and make him aware to the type of people that were representing him at his restaurant. I know it’s tough to find good help but you they can definately do much better. I ended up leaving at half-time even though the rude patron eventually moved away from the bar after he finished eating his meal at the disgust of everyone along the bar.

Overall Rating11111
FoodNot Rated
ServiceNot Rated
AtmosphereNot Rated
CostNot Rated

Reviewed by J. Alvarez on March 23rd, 2011 8:06 am

Rude Help always will ruin everything else. This place needs to clean house and start fresh.

Overall Rating22222

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