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Smokey Joe’s BBQ

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Smokey Joe’s BBQ
1308 East Main St
Stamford, CT 06902

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Phone:(203) 406-0605

Reviews for “Smokey Joe’s BBQ”

Reviewed by TOM THE BBQ KING on July 30th, 2008 1:13 pm

I have got to say yall, this has to be the best bbq I have had in a while up here. They have their Briskets and Pulled Pork down right and dirty, mmmm good. Ribs are pretty good as well; but you got to understand, I have had some good ribs in my travels. Can’t beat their collard greens and Mashed Red Taters. Overall happy with food and service/price for these yankees up north; don’t know who taught them, but hooraa for the good eats.

signing out another satisfied customer,
TOM the Bbq king

Overall Rating44444

Reviewed by Rosemary Louden on March 19th, 2010 8:43 pm

For many years we ate at Smokey Joe’s in Stamford. Never again. They have a new look and new staff. The prices have gone up but what sent us packing before we even placed our order was the rude man behind the counter. He was taking the order of someone in front of us. That person asked us (as experienced dinners) about some of the items on the menu. We liked these new folks so I offered them the lesser of my two coupons which I had clipped from the local circular. The man behind the counter told us that he wasn’t going to allow us to “play those games by handing out coupons” If the woman used the $3 one I gave her we couldn’t use the $5 one we already had. When I suggested that we were separate parties and could not see the problem the guy accused me of “jumping down his throat”. Isn’t the point of “coupons” to encourage people to spend money at your business. If you don’t want customers to use them don’t advertise with coupons. Most of all don’t hire people with attitude. We go to restaurants to enjoy good food not get berated before we eat.

Overall Rating11111
FoodNot Rated
AtmosphereNot Rated
CostNot Rated

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